By arming Federal Pell Grant recipients with the resources necessary to thrive, A.L.E. enables lower-income students to take full advantage of the multitude of academic and professional opportunities at their disposal.


Professional Advising & Academic Support


  • Each member of the initial cohort – which is to be comprised of 30 participants – will be paired with a Yale graduate student based on their areas of academic and professional interest. Advisors will provide academic guidance, technical and behavioral interview preparation, career strategy advice, resume and cover letter review, access to their professional networks, and graduate & professional school counseling to all A.L.E. Scholars.

Service in the Local Community


  • Participants will take a pledge to serve at least 20 hours each semester of their freshman year with a local educational outreach initiative. Thanks to a partnership with the New Haven-based Dwight Hall Center for Public Service and Social Justice, A.L.E. Scholars are able to more closely align their service with academic and professional interests by choosing from over 25 different potential initiatives.

Summer Sponsorship


  • Stipends of $5,000 will be awarded to 20 selected freshmen intending to pursue unpaid summer opportunities with non-profits, NGOs and public sector entities. The remaining 10 spots will be allotted to freshmen pursuing compensated, private sector opportunities, who will receive intensive advising, interview preparation and professional development from upperclassmen and graduate students working in their field of interest.

Through programming, scholars will also interact and engage with faculty in their respective departments of academic interest, facilitating the development of strong academic relationships both in and outside of the classroom.