By arming Federal Pell Grant recipients with the resources necessary to thrive, A.L.E. enables lower-income students to take full advantage of the multitude of academic and professional opportunities at their disposal.


Professional Advising & Academic Support

  • A.L.E. regularly provides the first-year cohort with guest speakers from the CIPE and other faculty members from across campus, to both ease the transition to college, educate members on how to apply for fellowships, and to get a head start on thinking about summer programs. A group upperclassmen also provide immense guidance and support for a myriad of issues and putting together  workshops for financial literacy and professional development. 

Community Building


  • Participants will participate in weekly meetings where students will foster strong relationships with other first-generation and low-income first-year students. Past meetings have ranged from discussions on social activism to leveraging students' first generation/low-income background in fellowship and internship applications. These meetings will be used not only for social bonding amongst the freshman cohort, but also for constructive skill building. 

ACADEMIC-YEAR Sponsorships


  • Stipends of $1,000 will be awarded to a number of freshmen intending to pursue personalized projects with non-profits, NGOs and public sector entities, as well as study abroad programs and research. This funding eases the financial burden that so often prevents low-income students from pursuing their areas of professional interest. 

Through programming, scholars will also interact and engage with faculty in their respective departments of academic interest, facilitating the development of strong academic relationships both in and outside of the classroom.