Jo Tango:

Founder of Kepha Partners

Jo Tango founded Kepha Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in investments in early stage, pre-seed, seed, start up, and Series A companies focusing primarily on technology companies. He has invested in the e-commerce, search engine, Internet ad network, wireless, supply chain software, storage, database, security, online payments and data center virtualization spaces.


Jo attended Yale University (B.A., summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and Harvard Business School (M.B.A., Baker Scholar). Jo is passionate about startups and loves working with entrepreneurs who dare to strive. Jo and his family emigrated from Indonesia with a few suitcases and $1,500. (1)

Darren Walker:

President of the Ford Foundation

Darren Walker is president of the Ford Foundation, an international social justice philanthropy with a $13 billion endowment and $600 million in annual grant making. Like many students within A.L.E., Mr. Walker—a severely under-resourced student—benefited from financial aid throughout most of his academic career.

According to Mr. Walker: “ My background has given me an understanding of the need for investment in human capital and the centrality of private philanthropy making a difference in the lives of people. There is a public commons that we all need to invest in, and through that investment we are a more inclusive and decent society. The idea in this country is that there has always been an escalator of economic mobility and societal progress. I want to ensure the economic escalator continues to move up.”

Educated exclusively in public schools, Darren was a member of the first class of Head Start in 1965 and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, which in 2009 recognized him with its Distinguished Alumnus Award—its highest alumni honor.

Vinca LaFleur:

Managing Partner at West Wing Writers

Vinca LaFleur spent years speechwriting for President Bill Clinton and now uses her experience to impact the world. A partner at West Wing Writers, she collaborates with senior executives in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to shape compelling messages and drive conversations in fields from global development to public health, women's empowerment, and many more.

Vinca graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University and holds a Master’s degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. She and her husband, scientist David LaFleur, live in Washington, DC.

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