The transition from high school to college is characterized by a shift from following a path to creating your own.

A student poses for a photo with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

A student poses for a photo with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

To aid in this transformation and uphold A.L.E.’s commitment to providing academic & professional support, A.L.E. participants will have the opportunity to meet with distinguished speakers in a wide variety of fields and focuses. Guests will come from a diverse set of backgrounds, including finance, entrepreneurship, medicine, law, politics, information technology, and journalism.


Our team believes that such early exposure to an assortment of potential careers will enable participants to find their passions early. Beyond serving as a source of education and enrichment, the Speaker Series will allow A.L.E. Scholars to establish relationships with guests – who could prove invaluable resources in the search for summer or post-graduate opportunities.


In addition to providing contact with professionals outside of the University’s faculty, A.L.E. will coordinate small, 4 to 5 person lunch meetings with esteemed Yale professors in the different majors of students’ interest. These Faculty Lunches will allow participants to get to know professors within their intended majors on a personal level, helping them assimilate into their respective departments and ultimately easing the process of choosing a sophomore year academic advisor.

Through the A.L.E. Speaker Series, Faculty Lunches, and other social events, participants will grow as students and professionals, form lasting bonds with one another, and develop invaluable personal & professional relationships that will long outlast their 4 years at Yale.

Interested in organizing an event with a.l.e. scholars?

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