your donations Change trajectories


  • By providing stipends for summer opportunities:

    • You enable A.L.E. Scholars to accept unpaid opportunities without having to worry about the financial constraints associated with doing so. We will be providing 10 or more participants pursuing unpaid internships and research opportunities with summer stipends of up to $2,000.

  • By providing academic & professional development and support:

    • You provide A.L.E. Scholars with the opportunity to work with more senior peer advisors in order to maximize their potential to secure future academic & professional opportunities.

  • By providing students the opportunity to give back to Their communities:

    • You help provide A.L.E. Scholars the opportunity to give back to unfunded, public sector summer initiatives that align with their academic and professional interests.

Fundraising Objectives:


Summer Stipends – $50,000


We intend to raise $50,000 in order to provide $2,000 summer stipends to up to 25 A.L.E. Scholars pursuing unpaid opportunities the summer after their freshman year.


We intend to raise $10,000 to bring in guest speakers and organize off-campus Faculty Lunches for A.L.E. Scholars.


Our fundraising team is dedicated to building a sustainable financial model capable of supporting the continued growth and stability of A.L.E.

In order to continue expanding opportunities and serving future classes of Yalies, we must fundraise not only for the current year, but for the years to come as well. As such, we welcome multi-year donations whenever possible.


For information on how to donate please contact our Director of Fundraising and Finance, Pablo Vazquez Paramo, at, or our Founder, JT Flowers, at