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The goal of the A.L.E. Professional Advising Program (PAP) is to cultivate the skills necessary to prepare participants to not only acquire the professional opportunities they seek, but to ensure that they succeed in such environments as well. PAP Advisors will provide technical and behavioral interview preparation, career strategy advice, resume and cover letter review, access to their professional networks, academic support and graduate & professional school counseling to all A.L.E. Scholars.

How will students be matched with advisors?

A.L.E. Scholars will be matched with advisors organically. It’s critical these relationships are grounded in a natural connection between the mentor and mentee. Instead of simply matching based on discipline or professional focus, A.L.E. will initially host strategically informal social gatherings.

By using this methodology, relationships can be fostered by personal fit, an element instrumental for long-term engagement. After the pairing process, participants will meet with their advisors at least once every other week, keeping pace with the personalized development timeline devised by and agreed upon by both parties.


Where will advisors come from?

The advisors will represent the diversity of disciplines offered and emphasized for study at Yale University. Advisors will come from the various graduate institutions such as: 

  • The Jackson Institute of Global Affairs

  • The Yale School of Management

  • Yale Law School

  • The Divinity School

  • The School of Public Health

  • The School of Medicine

  • The School of Nursing

  • The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  • The School of Drama

  • The School of Architecture

  • The School of Music

  • Seniors in Yale College

By sourcing from such a pool of talent, A.L.E. can assure that PAP participants are being advised by some of the most accomplished and innovative minds the world has to offer.

If you are interested in getting involved with our Advisory Program, please contact Laura Plata at