A Leg Even aims to provide full academic support as students begin their freshman year at Yale—a rigorous, yet exciting, transition in which students are simultaneously balancing the freedom of pursuing their own niche with the novelty of college coursework and the demands that accompany it. All students at Yale in any discipline seek academic help, whether that requires clarification of a specific math concept, a new set of eyes to offer writing critique, an advisor to offer reassurance that yes…your schedule for this month is teeming with due dates…but the work will be completed in time, or professional skill building and advice on how to construct effective study habits.


       It is our strong hope that all A.L.E. students will understand that tutoring in no way defines an individual as deficient in any academic field or lacking in comparison to his or her peers, but rather that proactively seeking a tutor is a very substantial indicator of intelligence. A.L.E. upholds the goal that students should not use tutoring as a last resort, but instead utilize the breadth of resources that Yale has to offer as a means of both mastering material and attaining a greater ability to explore Yale’s academic offerings alongside social and professional involvement.